What Are The Best Lenses For Night Skiing Or Snowboarding?

Night Skiing or Snowboarding, can be a pretty epic time, and having the right goggle lenses will make a huge difference. The right color lens for the right condition will help you see pitfalls, contours in the snow, and obstacles you should avoid. But if you don’t have the right goggle lens, you might miss the obstacle, only to discover it by accident.

Lighter Tint Goggles Are Best For Night Riding. A Higher VLT Will Give You The Best Vision. While 100% Is Considered Clear, Yellow/Orange Tinted Goggles Can Give You Clear Optics As Well.

What Color Lenses Are Best For Night Skiing?

Lighter Tint Goggles tend to help your eyesight when you’re on the slopes at night. Clear goggles are simple and effective for night skiing and boarding, but I actually prefer orange or yellow tinted lenses.

Currently I’m when riding at night I’ll be wearing a pair of Yellowish/Orange Lens SPY Goggles (pictured below).

Night Skiing And Snowboarding goggles.
Simple Yellow Lens Goggles

How Did They Affect My Vision?

My first impression was confusion (it happens easy for me). I arrived at Afton Alps, where I shred in Minnesota, at dusk. When I slipped them onto my eyes, I was shocked to see the world transformed.

Everything around me was covered in this orange/yellow hue, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not.

As the sun set things got more eerie, however I noticed that I could see changes in the snow, and weird contours a lot easier when I was dropping into runs.

I believe this is a phenomenon from the lights resorts use to light up the runs, the goggles themselves filter different tints out, and they help you see things you normally couldn’t.

I’m not a scientist, just someone who does stupid things on a snowboard, and this helped me have a good night.

Below Are some Examples Of Good Night Skiing And Snowboarding Lenses. All Of Them Are Available For Purchase On Amazon. Purchasing From The Links Helps Support This Website By Giving Us A Small Commission.

Happy Shredding.

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