Travis Rice Snowboard Boots; Make Your Day Epic

DC has partnered with Travis Rice to develop a snowboard boot that just all around rocks. They come with a stiffness rating of 9, and to the best of my knowledge only the Shuksan is stiffer.

Not that you’d really notice the slight difference anyway.

However just looking at these boots will make you wanna do something epic. I talk a lot about stiffness because that gives you a faster response time.

However there’s a lot of things we can rate these boots on.

Travis Rice: Snowboard Boot Stats

Below I’ve given my opinion on these stats, and I’ll explain why further down the page.

  • Comfort: 4
  • Boot Durability: 4.5
  • BOA Durability: 4.5
  • Foot Warmth: 4
  • Adjustability: 4
  • Shock Absorbing: 4.5
  • Ease Off & On: 4

Aggregate Score: 4.21

Snowboarding Boot Stats Explained:

For The Flex Scale DC shoes gives them a 9 out of 10, and as a regular rider of DC Scouts and Judges, I’d agree with the flex of these. Remember a stiffer boot gives you a more responsive ride, and if you’re not used to a 9/10, you might wanna take it easy on the first few runs. Make sure you ride in control and get a feel for them.

Comfort 4:

Comfortability is probably the most important factor to me with a snowboarding boot. DC built these travis rice boots with comfort and response in mind.

They have an upgraded ventilation system to keep your feet from overheating or getting cold. They have articulated construction and feel great on your feet. I think it feels like a cloud.

Boot Durability: 4.5

Boot Durability is the last item that I like to check out. While it’s still important, it’ll affect you last if things aren’t good with the boot. Comfortability and flex you’ll know right away. Durability usually won’t strike until you’ve been riding in the boots quite a while, and you’re putting them on or taking them off.

However DC has a great track record of comfortable boots that last quite awhile. If I see anything about them falling apart, you better believe I’ll update this.

BOA Durability: 4.5

Now we get to the boas. Personally I love boas because they come with a lifetime warranty.

Foot Warmth: 4

Not a lot to say here, but the right size, or half a size smaller and you’ll be loving these. That is provided that they fit you correctly. Some boots don’t fit everyone.

Adjustability: 4

The Dual Boas give a lot of versatility and options. Play around with them and see what you like.

Shock Absorbing: 4.5

All the internal packing keeps your feet warm, but it also helps do some shock absorption. This is key to shredding on icy days (or any day for that matter). The less strain on your feet, the longer you can ride.

Ease Off & On: 4

Once again, I’m talking about BOAS. I can mine off/on in under a minute when I’m being lazy. Most of the time, I’m waiting on friends with laces to get geared up.

The Travis Rice Snowboarding Boot

In conclusion, I’ve really liked these boots, and I might have to pick up a pair of my own. I’m used to a softer boot, but I’ve been looking into something more responsive lately.

If you’re new to snowboarding, this probably isn’t the boot for you. Get something softer like a DC Scout (kind of a mid range boot). Or you could go even softer.

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