Welch Village Ski Resort: There is Epic Shredding in The Back Bowl

Welch Village Ski Resort is a ski resort that I’m very fond of. When I was in college, I had a season pass to two different resorts. Every weekend I’d decide where I would shred, and it was a hard decision. The difference between Welch Village and Afton Alps was slight (at the time before Vail).

The reason I loved welch so much, was the price. At the time they had a $199 pass and charged around $50 to renew it. Every season I asked why I needed two passes, however, I knew if I didn’t renew it, I’d be annoyed at myself. For the price of a lift ticket, I could shred another resort.

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Everything To Learn About Welch Village!

Welch Village is located 45 minutes to an hour from Minneapolis. It really depends on where you’re coming from in the suburbs. I live on the west side and it always takes a bit longer, especially when it’s snowing. However, I always felt it was worth it. For detailed directions. You can click the link for Directions To Welch Village.

What Type Of Terrain Does Welch Village Have?

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, you’ll find a run at Welch that you’ll love. I always recommend you take a look at the trail map prior to jumping on a chair.

However, if you’re itching to go, the runs toward the western slopes are geared toward beginners. While the runs towards the eastern slopes are better for intermediate and advanced shredders.

Beginner Terrain (Green Circles)

I have a good time on all the runs at Welch, and the western slopes are no exception. The runs themselves are decently long (for Minnesota anyway) and they are great for fine-tuning skills. I’ve spent many hours there trying to manually or ollie over a tree stump while heading down the hill. (I failed badly on one of those I’m afraid.)

You’ll notice the east slopes do have some green runs at the top, but they are only open on the weekends and not at night. So depending on when you’re heading out to shred. Check to see if they’re open. (hopefully someday Welch will change their tune and open it all up)


Intermediate Terrain (Blue Squares)

In between the east and west slopes of Welch Village, you’ll notice a huge grouping of blue runs. If you’re new to snowboarding, Lookout might be intimidating at first, but it’s an epic run that you should try and build some skills and hit it.

Cruise around the blues at the top and don’t forget to check out Leaping Liz and Ski Bob. Once you’ve mastered those, head back over to Lookout. At this point, you should be ready for some fun stuff.

Advanced Terrain (Black Diamonds)

The sad part about Welch village is that their back bowl is only open on the weekends, and it closes at night. Some of my best shred days have been in this area because they have some steep runs with tight turns.

It also helps when there’s only one entrance and it contains scary signs saying ‘Danger,’ And advanced terrain experienced skiers and snowboarders only.

This scares the novices away pretty quickly.

As long as there’s powder, it will be epic. However, in Minnesota, the ice always rears its ugly head…

Afton Alps

Welch Village Terrain Parks

Welch Village has two terrain parks one is located at the bottom of the west slopes. You’ll see the rope tow, some jumps, and rails. I had a good time there last year, although one of my students received a concussion in the park.

Ride safe, and make sure you’re always wearing a helmet. It’s pretty epic and my students had an awesome time shredding there.

***My apologies, I don’t remember the other park, I’ll have to check it out and update it this upcoming season.

Runs You Need To Check Out!

If you’re there on a weekend, and you know how to ride advanced runs. Head to the back bowl. You’ll love it. If you’re still getting used to riding, I’d say you should try and hit up Dans Dive and Lookout. Both are steeper runs where you can get some intense speed, giving you an awesome rush.

  • Anywhere in The Back Bowl
  • Dans Dive
  • Lookout
  • Chicken

Welch Village Ski/Snowboard School And Other Amenities

The Welch Village Ski and Snowboard School are located at the bottom of the west slopes. They’re actually next to the terrain park. If you’re looking for some quick lessons to get your day going, book some time with them. Here’s the page you’ll be needing:

Lift Ticket/Season Pass Cost

The cost of lift tickets can vary, so I’ll post links here so you can check out what the cost will be. Usually, they’re updated sometime in September or October for the Upcoming Season.

My Worst Concussion At Welch Village

My worst concussion was at Welch Village. I was riding faster than I should have on an icy day. It was one of the worst and most painful experiences of my entire life.

Stay safe when you shred. Always wear a helmet, and use common sense. It could save your life.

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