Which Snowboard Binding Is Left And Right?

Setting up your bindings can be a difficult task for a snowboarder who’s starting. I was luckier than most when I purchase my first snowboard. I didn’t have to wonder which snowboard binding is left and right.

That’s right, I chickened out and the shop put mine together.

I wrote a blog that goes deeper into purchasing snowboard bindings. You can find that blog in the previous link. For this, I’ll break down the basic parts of a snowboard binding, and how to decide what side goes where.

A very simple breakdown of snowboard bindings is above. When learning which snowboard binding is left and right, you can look at a few simple pieces.

  1. Look for the buckles. There’s one on the upper strap (labeled above) and one on the lower strap (labeled above).
  2. Look at the shape of the base of the binding. A lot of times they will give you an idea through their shape.
  3. the backrest is where your calve muscle will rest.

Look For The Buckles: Which Binding Is Left And Right

When you look at the snowboard binding. Most of the time buckles will be on the outside of your foot. On your front foot, the buckle will face forward and on your rear foot, it will face backward.

This is the easiest way to figure out which snowboard binding is right and left. However some bindings are built differently, so I’ve placed a few more things to check if you’re unsure.

Look At The Shape Of The Bindings Base:

A lot of times you’ll look at the base of the binding, and you’ll see it has the shape of a foot. You’ll see the arch and know whether it’s for the left or right foot. It isn’t as pronounced but if you look at it long enough. You’ll know.

Look At The Back Rest: Which Snowboard Binding Is left And Right?

The backrests are part of the bindings that your calve muscle rests against. They usually have a slight inward bend so you can rest comfortably against them.

If you can’t figure it out from now, maybe you should have them set up professionally. Or watch a Youtube video.

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