Zionor Goggles Reviewed. Why I Love These Economic Goggles

Zionor is a company I came across in 2017. I was looking for a new pair of snowboarding goggles. Mine had come down with a horrible illness. The’d constantly fog up, which made shredding at high speeds impossible. They got worse and I couldn’t ride with them. So I took to amazon and started looking for a new pair. I didn’t have a lot of money, so I knew that I had to find something cheap. That’s when I found Zionor Goggles. They were spherical and had a mirror finish. I really liked them.

As a bonus I wasn’t expecting them to only cost $50. So I purchased a brand new pair of Zionor Snow Goggles, not really sure what to expect. But because I was paying such a small price I thought it was worth the risk.

Zionor Goggles Rating

  • Comfort: 4
  • Lens Durability: 4
  • Goggle Durability: 4
  • Fog Reduction: 3.5
  • Price/Value: 4.5

Aggregate Score: 4

I rated these goggles from the viewpoint that I paid $50 for them and 2-3 years later the company sent me new lenses. Good customer service can help cover a lot of issues that otherwise might annoy me.

However I’ve liked these goggles for awhile, and I’m sure they’ll be great this year as well. I’m looking to test out a few other pairs but we’ll see what happens this season.

Below is my in depth review and experience with these goggles.

Zionor Goggles Are Sleek

When the Zionor Goggles arrived on my doorstep a few days later (which was faster than I thought). I did a quick inspection of them. At first glance they were solid, and seemed well made, however, I don’t like to assume based on sight, real world application is totally different. They needed to be tested. So I grabbed my snowboard, and went to the nearest hill, not knowing what to expect.

While shredding, I noticed the goggles weren’t fogging up once on me. It was like a whole new world had opened up, and I could finally see. I wondered how they could fog, and eve tried to make it happen once or twice, just for kicks. It never worked, I was able to get a small strand of fog above my eye, but it disappeared immediately afterwards.

Zionor Snow Goggles Review
Me And My Zionor Goggles

My line of sight was amazing, and everything was crystal clear. All in all, I’d say the Zionor X2 Snow Goggle was an excellent and economical choice. I’d highly recommend them.

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Zionor Customer Service

Two years passed since that day, and those goggles have served me well during that time. Unfortunately they started to fog up at the beginning of the season, and I haven’t been able to fix them. I got a little frustrated, and so I spoke with a snowboard tech about them. He went on to tell me that as lenses get older they begin to develop issues like fogging. On higher end goggles it isn’t a huge issue. He advised me to find replacement lenses or new goggles.

So, I contacted Zionor telling them about my purchase two years ago, and explained that I wanted replacement lenses. Within 24 hours I had a response stating they do not carry the X2 anymore, but they’d be happy to send me a pair of goggles and the style would be my choice. These goggles would have minor cosmetic issues, but they wouldn’t impede my vision. Also they’d send them to me at no cost.

It’s a bit unheard of for a company to do this nowadays, but I’ll never turn down a free pair of goggles. So I emailed my response and listed what type of Zionor Goggles I wanted. I even told them I was looking for a couple different types of lenses for varying conditions, and I’d love to purchase those lenses if possible.

I was emailed back that I’d recieve them in 10-15 days. “Probably shipping from Hong Kong,” I thought. In all actuality the goggles arrived within 5 days, and they not only sent the one pair I requested, but two more. I was given 3 pairs of free goggles, and I couldn’t even spot the cosmetic issues with them. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Zionor Goggles X4 Model

Two of the goggles I received were of this model, and I’ve really enjoyed riding in them. Both have mirror lenses which cut the glare from the sun immensely. They are comfortable on my face because of a thick foam padding. This season I’ve already used them in varying temperatures from -35F up to 30F (The Minneapolis Polar Vortex). I’ve never had an issue with fogging, and they’ve been a great help when I’m out instructing a snowboarding class. Also as a side note, you look hardcore when wearing these goggles.

Zionor Snow Goggles Review
Bug Eyes!

Zionor Goggles X5 Lagopus

These have become my favorite goggles out of the batch, they are sleek, have awesome ventilation, and the mirrored lens is amazing. So far I haven’t ran into any issues in regards to them, and they seem to be holding up well. Even if they only last the season, they were free, but I think it’ll be a couple seasons before I need new ones.

I’d highly recommend trying these goggles out. Especially if you’re on a tight budget, they won’t steer you wrong and the company is really good about helping their customers. If you’re wanting to spend a bit more money, I’ll be adding some posts in that range sometime in the future.

Here’s a breakdown of the positive/negative involved with these goggles.

They’re Affordable. The Lenses Wear Out After A Couple Seasons.
They Look Amazing
Visual Clarity Could Be Improved With More
Expensive Goggles
Anti-Fog Tech Works
Ventilation Would Improve With Higher End Goggles
3 Layer Foam

As you can see the positive definitely out weighs the negative. If you’re going from a $300 pair of Smith Chromapop Lenses, you might wanna rethink it, but if you’re just looking for something to ride in. Some Zionor Snow Goggles would work great for you.

Zionor Goggles; Seasons End

I wrote this blog a month or two back, and I’ve wanted to return to it for awhile. Initial reviews are great, but I like to know how a product will hold up over time.

I received these Zionor googles in January and I thought it’d be a great thing to add some more information. They still work great, and I’m extremely happy with them.

Spherical Lens Goggles
Spherical Lens Goggles

However it’s the end of the season now, and I wish I could test them for another month or two. Unless I make a last minute trip to Colorado I won’t be riding again until November.

What Did I Notice After Using Zionor Googles?

These goggles continued to maintain a great field of view, and they are scratch resistant. Even after using them for 2-3 months, I haven’t had many issues with the lenses. I can only assume they’ll be just as good in November next year. This is providing I take care of them during the interim.

To make sure they stay safe over the summer, I’ll place them in a protective covering and put them on a shelf.

The Zionor goggles continued to maintain a great field of view, and they are scratch resistant. Even after using them for 2-3 months, I haven’t had many issues with the lenses. I can only assume they’ll be just as good in November next year. This is providing I take care of them during the interim.

One issue I ran across that’s of minor note. I did have an issue with the goggles fogging up on me. It only happened on one extremely cold day (probably -20s or lower) and I haven’t seen the issue come up since. Next season, I’m going to continue testing them so I can get a complete view of their durability. At those temps I don’t really blame the googles for fogging up, but I generate a lot of heat so maybe I need a pair with a fan inside them.

In Conclusion:

There’s a lot of different goggles out there, and a lot of them are expensive. Hopefully we’ve been able to get you some answers and steer you onto an epic path of happy shredding.

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