My Favorite Ski Resorts To Shred Every Season

A lot can be said about finding epic ski resorts with good powder and short lines. it varies by the year, and short lines one day could be long lines another. Instead I like to focus on the terrain, and epic places I can shred.

It should be added that these are added with the bias of all mountain riding. I’m not a huge park shredder anymore as I’ve had multiple concussions, but sometimes I’ll hit up the park to show up my students.

Snowboard & Ski Resorts:

I need to preface this saying that I need to visit Jackson Hole, it’s like going to the homeland of snowboarders. I keep getting told it’s the most epic place ever, and I wonder if I can even call myself a snowboarder without a visit. That’ll have to be rememdied. I’ve shredded in Washington State, Colorado, & all over Minnesota (Which has hills not mountains).

In Minneapolis, theres 7-8 decent ski resorts within an hour of the cities. It gets really cold during January & February, sometimes staying below zero for weeks. Shredding in those temps makes the conditions awful, but you still gotta do it, even if you’d do better ice skating. 

Keep in mind, these are My Favorites, from where I’ve shredded. I’ll be making a rating system soon and as I shred more mountains I’ll be adding posts about each snowboard resort. I’m hopeful that I can hit up Montana this year, and when I do I’ll publish an addendum to my list, because I know it’ll destroy it. 

My Favorite Ski Resorts List:

Resort #5; Lutsen

(Minnesota) In the Midwest if you’re a skier or snowboard, you’ve heard of Lutsen. It’s a beautiful resort located right next to lake superior. They have four mountains (I use the term sparingly as elevation isn’t the same as other spots.).

Of the four mountains, my favorite is Moose mountain. It offers amazing and long (for Minnesota) runs to shred. While you’re going down the hill you get a beautiful view of Lake Superior. I’ve been there a few times and watched fog will roll in off the lake. One time causing half the hill to be obscured. It made the day pretty epic.

Lutsen has some of the longest runs in the midwest, and I rode there a lot before I went to Washington or Colorado. I still try to hit it up at least once a season because, It’s pretty amazing. 

For More Info On Lutsen Click Here

Ski Resort #4; Loveland

I rode Loveland on the last day of my first visit to Colorado. I was instantly smitten with the place. Mainly because I love wide open spaces, and tree runs. I know that sounds like a contradiction but how I board depends on my mood Loveland also reminded me of a couple ski resorts here in Minnesota. Only a lot bigger. 

The first time I visited Loveland, I wasn’t able to experience the snowboard resort. It was my fourth day of shredding, and I was exhausted. So I took it easy and had some good chill runs.

I have boarded there again, and it gets better every time.

Also, last I heard it was family owned and the prices are great. in March of 2018 I bought a ticket for around $75 

For More Info On Loveland Click Here:

Resort #3 A-Basin

I went to Colorado five or six times before I hit up A-Basin. One I rode it, I was angry that I didn’t get the chance before. They stay open until June usually, and one time I went out there for some spring & summer boarding,

As I drove into Denver, and west into the mountains heavy thunderstorms hit, and they closed the lifts. In Colorado ski resorts have to close if there is a lightening strike within 20 miles of the resort.

I was okay with it, A-Basin has metal lifts, and it’s high in the clouds. Instead I met some Australians, and hung out with them for the weekend.

When I finally got the chance to shred A-Basin it blew my mind. Skiers tend to love this place because of wide open spaces. Snowboarders will love this place because there are tons of chutes & ridges to play on. I left that day in pain, but it was epic pain. We didn’t get to explore the whole resort, so there might be other epic runs that I can only imagine.

I’ll go back soon, and spend more time there.

For More Info On A-basin Click Here:

Ski Resort #2 Beaver Creek

We’re getting down to my favorite two ski resorts now. I love Beaver Creek for 2 main reasons. 

  1. Free Cookies
  2. Thresher Glade

Wait? Free Cookies? I thought this was a snowboard resort blog? I didn’t know about the cookies, I found them by accident one day. After a hard day of shredding, I somehow beat a buddy down and was waiting for him to catch up.

Then out of the blue, this little old lady dressed as a chef walked up to me. She had a huge tray with dozens delicious looking cookies stacked so delicately on them. I looked around, and everywhere, people were dressed like her offering cookies. She told me to take all that I wanted, and that it happens daily at 4pm.

My biggest issue, I couldn’t find a glass of milk, but the cookies were freshly baked.

Thresher Glade

Now in all seriousness, I’ll talk about Thresher Glade. Which ranks as one of my favorite tree runs. I found this run by accident riding with a buddy. It was 11AM and we were exploring the mountain. Neither of us had been to Beaver Creek and he was riding in Colorado for the 1st time.

The day before we visited Keystone. I turned into a run and the powder got deep quickly, then the trees started to get closer. Eventually we saw a sign telling us that stumps and other objects were in the path. It was too late to turn back, and my friend was nervous.

Into the breach I yelled as I turned my board into the trees.

Tree are amazing and profound to me. Give me Ski resorts with good tree runs, and I’ll die happy. It might just be me, but there’s something spiritual about zig zagging through trees at high speed.

I love Beaver Creek, It’s an awesome Snowboard Resort, Hopefully I’ll get to visit again this year.

For More Info On Beaver Creek Click Here:

Ski Resort Honorable Mentions:

  • Afton Alps – It’s my home resort, I ride there all the time, but it has short runs
  • -Crystal Mountain – In the top 10 but I need to revisit this place now that I can actually ride. I was a rookie when I went there last.

Favorite Resort #1; Vail Colorado

I’ve actually heard some people hate Vail. If you’re talking exclusively about the price, I totally get it. Also I’ve heard people say the lines are too long, but I’ve never had an issue with that.

When I get out there, I’ll try to be the first chair and move towards the bowls. Blue Sky Basin is my happy place. I’ll hit up the trees as often as I can. I avoid the front at all costs, that where the tourists are, and the long lines. I don’t ride the front until I’m on the way back to my car.

There’s something majestic about riding trees in the bowls, the wind blows and gathers powder in them and even if it hasn’t snowed you might still find a pile somewhere. Vail is an experience. If you’ve never gone you should go. 

For More Info On Vail Click Here:

I hoped you liked my blog, please comment below about your favorite spots to shred. In the future. I’ll write another blog about my dream places to hit up, what are your favorites? 

Do You Agree With My Ski Resorts List?

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