Anon M4 Snow Goggles; Keep Seeing Clarity On The Mountain

Anon is a Burton-owned company, and because of that a lot of us have purchased a pair. I’ve owned a couple of pairs in my time on the mountain, and have never had an issue with them. The Anon M4 Snow Goggle is a high-end version of the Anon Line.

The goggles themselves have a cylindrical lens, an epic finish, and they come in multiple colors. They have an awesome style of all their own. Personally,

The Men’s Anon M4 Goggle comes with a spare lens and an MFI face mask, that’s an awesome deal and they also have a precise helmet to goggle fit. This is great news for people who hate the forehead gap that develops with some goggles.

MFI stands for Magnetic face mask integration, this means your face mask can be pulled down and put back in place instantly. The magnets will hold it in place, and you won’t have to worry about it falling down.

Your cold faces will be extremely happy next winter.

Anon M4 Cylindrical Goggle Stats

  • MSRP is 299.95 (at the time of the post)
  • Each Goggle has 3 different color choices, my favorite is the frame rush with a silver lens.
  • Includes MFI Face mask
  • Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece
  • Frame Height 103MM
  • Wall To Wall Vision
  • OTG Compatible

They also have full perimeter channel venting. Have you ever had goggles that continuously fogged up on you? I bet they weren’t there. The venting will keep air cycling between your eyes and the goggle lens. This will keep your goggles clear, and you’ll keep shredding.

The first time I held these goggles in my hand I was surprised by the solid construction, they are built well and they won’t break on you.

I had to purchase them on a whim, because it was heavily snowing, and in Minneapolis powder days are hard to come by.

At the time my current goggles kept fogging up on me. I wanted to see and was desperate to shred. So I ran into the shop at Afton Alps for a pair of overpriced goggles. (I mean no offense, resort gear is always overpriced)

The first run was unforgettable, snow was falling everywhere and I was carving all over the place. Somehow I was the only one on the hill, and was tearing it up.

For the next few hours the snow continued, and so did I. Finally when Afton started to close I had to call it quits. My legs were shot, but my heart was full.

That is why you want good gear. You never know when something epic is going to happen,

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