Will Snowboard Boots Stretch? How Snow Footwear Packs Out.

Snowboard boots stretch out and are notorious for it. By some, estimates they will stretch (or pack out) from half a size to one full size.

I had a pair of size 11 DC Judges, and I swear they’re size 12s now, it happened 2 seasons later and I only realized because I was bouncing around inside my boot.

Why Do Snowboard Boots Stretch?

Snowboard boots are made like skate shoes. they are really comfortable, and easy on the feet (for most people). This means they have a lot of padding inside, and this padding will eventually pack together.

***Hence the nickname, packing out.

When you ride a lot, this puts a strain on the padding and it eventually loses the ability to bounce back, this causes the inside of your boot to get cold, and it isn’t as comfortable.

How Can You Combat Packing Out?

To avoid snowboard boot problems I suggest purchasing a smaller size. It’ll be painful in the beginning but once packed out they’ll fit like a glove.

For example, I usually wear a size 10.5 or an 11. However, when I purchased my DC Scouts, I purchased them as a size 10.

Here’s where you can make a huge mistake, and I hope you learn from mine. Always break your boots in, and don’t wear tight boots when you haven’t let your snowboard boots stretch.

When I bought those boots, I immediately got into my car and drove to Vail. I was excited to do some boarding and the first day was pretty epic. However afterward my feet were in pain, and by the third day, they were bloody. I kept boarding, but it was terrible.

What was my problem?

I didn’t let my boots pack out (get broken in). When you don’t let your snowboard boots stretch. They won’t feel as good, and you might have some pain.

***Pro Tip When Breaking In Your Boots, Always Have Your Old Ones Nearby.

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